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First of all, Brand Republic confirms that we can expect a new version of Wuthering Heights from ITV by the end of this year or the beginning of 2008!

ITV announced in February that it was planning a major period drama in the form of Emily Bronte's classic gothic romance 'Wuthering Heights', which is slated to air late this year or early in 2008. (Alex Donohue)
Mind you, this is not the one that was supposed to be starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Incidentally, the latest ITV film version of Wuthering Heights has just come out on DVD.

Another type of film is the one shared by The Bookish Kind. A glimpse of the moors as well as recommendations for many other Brontë Country youtube videos.

Talking about Brontë Country, especially after yesterday's fabulous recommendation, Travel Advice has some - um... well - advice on Haworth.

You can visit the parsonage where the Brontes grew up. The rooms have been restored and the building is now a museum complete with library. The place provides plenty of atmosphere for the visitor to soak up. The rooms in which the family lived were tiny and dark and one can imagine a little scary at night when they would be lit by candlelight casting shadows and creating dark corners. This is in stark contrast to the brightness and space outside. The vast open skies and expanse of the moorland provided the birthplace of the gothic novel. (Ann Coveney)
A Reader's Journal, who recently organised the 2007 Winter Classics Challenge, is getting ready for the end of the challenge in seven days and has just announced what the prizes will be.

First prize
A copy of The Illustrated Jane Eyre. Illustrated by Dame Darcy. I have to say that I don't love most of Dame Darcy's artwork, but I do like the art in this book.
Second prize
A miniature sheet of British Jane Eyre postage stamps. These stamps were issued on the 150th death anniversary of Charlotte Bronte who died in March 1855.
I know these two prizes are both based on only one author and only one classic. My excuse - Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books and I was able to find 2 interesting prizes connected to it. I hope those who win them will appreciate them.
Not bad, eh? Not bad at all! Here's hoping some BrontëBlog readers participated and have a chance of winning these or some of the other prizes.

As far as we know - not much - she didn't participate in the challenge, but we have come across a post on Charlotte Brontë in Russian on Simply Masha. The Google translation, however, is not very informative but shows it is an overall positive journal entry.

Charlotte Brontë also features in many of the lists in The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books edited by J. Peder Zane. The book is reviewed on PopMatters. You can read more about this book and the lists where the Brontës appear here.

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