Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Many, many websites echo the news of the BBC's plans to make a short biopic on the relationship of the Brontë siblings called To Walk Invisible and to be premiered next year: Digital Spy,  TV Wise, Warrington Guardian are just a few.

Jezebel's Pictorial is excited about it:
Yes please and thank you very much: The BBC is making a movie about the Brontë sisters and their sad-sack brother Bramwell (sic), too. Fuck yeah, let’s get some long, lingering shots of the moors going over here. (Kelly Faircloth)
And it looks as if Jeremy Clarkson's tweet is a good way of promoting it after all. The Mirror has an article about it as do Entertainment Wise and Express.

The Telegraph discusses female relationships:
At the moment, I’m obsessed with Broad City, a sitcom about the real life friendship between actors and writers Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer. Ilana is reluctant to commit to Lincoln, the dentist who is desperate for a relationship with her - because Abbi fulfils all of her emotional needs.
Lincoln is basically a background character who occasionally appears in their platonic love story. To call the women ‘best mates’ doesn’t come close to reflecting the tenderness and codependency of their relationship.
Of course these themes were being explored in literature long before they reached the small screen - intense female relationships are as interesting as the central ‘love story’ in everything from Jane Eyre to Anne of Green Gables. (Daisy Buchanan)
Wyoming News features local twins. One of them enjoys reading and will read Charlotte Brontë. Net News Ledger shares some thoughts on Queen Victoria and her authors, such as the Brontës. Les Soeurs Brontë (in French) shares a text by Alberto Manguel in which the Brontës are mentioned. Wolf in the City compares the Pre Fall 2015 Valentino collection with Wuthering Heights. CultNoise includes Jane Eyre on its 100 Books to Read Before You Die list. 


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