Monday, May 18, 2015

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Well, we guess Jeremy Clarkson is not a Brontëite then (oh, surprise!):
Daily Star comments on it.
The motormouth joked that a two-hour tribute to the Brontë sisters would be a massive hit.
He tweeted: “Finally, Britain has an answer to Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and so on,” after posting a newspaper cutting about the upcoming show.
The BBC are marking next year’s bicentenary of Jane Eyre author Charlotte Bronte’s birth with a drama about her and sister Emily, who wrote Wuthering Heights. (Helene Perkins)
The actual news item that interests us comes from The Sunday Times. And it is exciting for us, Mr Clarkson.

El País (Spain) features Matthew Weiner and, you see, he is a Brontëite.

Finally, you can catch a glimpse of Haworth in this article on its 1940s weekend in The Telegraph and Argus.


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