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This is how the Daily Express sums up the Tour de France's preparations in Yorkshire:
The Brontës have been replaced by bicycles. (Fergus Kelly)
The Times also has an article on it.

Still locally - well, sort of - The Huffington Post lists several books where houses are characters themselves:
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
A chilly stone farmhouse on the wild, wind-blasted Yorkshire moors... The story of Heathcliff and Catherine wouldn't--or couldn't--have unfolded in the same way anywhere else. (Jacqueline West)
Bustle reviews Lauren Owen's debut novel The Quick.
Owen’s rich sense of setting, with tumbling streams of cobblestones and ancient dusty libraries overseen by gargoyles and smoke, is reminiscent of Dickens and the Brontë sisters. In this way, she becomes a new voice in the Victorian novel’s revival, along with the classic-reborn modern standard The Goldfinch. (Tabitha Blankenbiller)
The Belfast Telegraph thinks that,
There have always been novels and memoirs about a girl's amorous adventures in the years when she shops around for a mate. In its own way, Jane Eyre is such a story, as are the works of Jane Austen. Bridget Jones has famously emblemised this narrative, but that's nearly two decades ago now. (Mary Kenny)
While this San Antonio Current reviewer admits to loving
romances, ever since reading Harlequin bodice-rippers right alongside Wuthering Heights as a tween. (Leigh Baldwin)
The Guardian discusses pseudonyms. Several blogs pick Jane Eyre for their Top Ten Tuesday on favourite classic novels: Scribbles and Wanderlust, Blog of Erised, Life with no plot, A World of Reviews... And a few also choose Wuthering Heights: My Thoughts... Literally!, A Paper Town, The White Unicorn. Aradia's Chants writes in Turkish about Wuthering Heights too. And the Hot Key Book Club read Wide Sargasso Sea in June and now comments on it. BuzzFeed presents a selection of pictures of the little books made by the Brontës.


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