Monday, April 21, 2014

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Exactly what the title says. Google shows this Doodle on April 21st 2014 for honoring Charlotte Brontë on her 198th Birthday:

Happy Doodle Birthday, Charlotte.

EDIT: The Doodle has reached the newspapers with brief surveys on Charlotte Brontë's life and/or Jane Eyre synopsis: The Guardian, The Independent ("Reader, they doodled her"), The Irish Independent (Al Arabiya, Daily ExpressWashington PostThe Tarboro TimesActuaLitté (France), România TV (Romania), Timlo (Indonesia), NotizieIN (Italy) ...

Nevertheless we don't know exactly which doodle The Mirror is commenting on:
The illustration shows a mum and her young son and daughter, all three of whom are putting the pedal to the metal. (Chris Richards)
And we have other websites who also celebrate her birthday: The Scotsman, Other Words,  Mysaskصحيفة الاقتصادي (Yemen), 24СМИ (Russia), RTVSlo (Slovenia), Trollheims Porten (Norway).

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  1. I love this google doodle - cute but also beautiful.
    Check out my blog to see my tribute :)