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BrontëBlog has been provided with some new information about the cast of the new BBC production of Jane Eyre directed by Susannah White. We think it's a good idea to summarize the information that we have until now:

Ruth Wilson (Jane Eyre), Toby Stephens (Edward Fairfax Rochester), Francesca Annis (Lady Ingram) Lorraine Ashbourne (Mrs. Fairfax), Christina Cole (Blanche Ingram), Pam Ferris (Grace Poole), Tara Fitzgerald (Mrs. Reed), Georgie Henley (Young Jane Eyre), Aidan McArdle (Mr. Eshton), Charity Wakefield (Miss Temple). Pictures and more information on this post.

Later we found how Andrew Buchan was chosen to be St. John Rivers, Claudia Coulter as Bertha Rochester, Stephen Tomlin as Dr. Carter, Hester Odgers as Helen Burns and Cosima Littlewood as Adèle. We also knew that Sam Hoare was in the production, now we know that he plays Frederick Lynne.

Now we have the following names and faces:

From left to right: Daniel Pirrie (Richard Mason) ; Alisa Arnah (Georgiana Reed) ; Cara Horgan (Eliza Reed); Rebekah Staton (Bessie).

(Picture credits (from left to right): Peter Simpkin; Julie Cross; Steve Lawton; Angus Dechar)

From left to right: Emma Lowndes (Mary Rivers); Annabel Scholey (Diana Rivers); Georgia King (Rosamond Oliver); Maisie Dimbleby (Mary Ingram); Letty Butler (Leah).

(Picture credits (from left to right): Sasha Gusov; Fatimah Namdar; Isobel Buchanan; unknown; Andrew Chapman)

We have other names too: Louise Fellows (Parisian guest), Joanna McCallen (Kitchen Maid), Amy Steel & Beth Steel (Miss Dent), Simon Farnaby (The Doctor) and with an undertermined role: Nicholas Clayton and Anne Reid.

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  1. ‘Parisian guest’ – are they going to show a Mr Rochester/Celine flashback? Well I suppose we would see a Celine too, so probably not, although it would be interesting. Interesting too, as I said over at bronteana, the inclusion of Rosamund Oliver. None of the other adaptations feature her, do they?

  2. wow! rosamund. that's going to be interesting to see, i think.

    by the way, i thought i'd bring this to your attention--you've probably already seen it but it struck me as so odd--a CIGAR label?


  3. Liz - I also wondered about the Parisian guest. I have absolutely no idea how it will all come to happen but I guess this 'Parisian guest' will be somehow connected with Céline. But it is puzzling.

    And yes, Rosamund seems to be the living proof that they are taking the novel seriously. It looks like it's going to be pretty true to the letter. Of course they could mess it all up. But at this point it looks pretty good.

    Livvie - hadn't heard of that! Thanks so much for the link! So odd - but I guess Rochester would simply love it :D