Thursday, June 18, 2020

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The Eyre Guide announces the digital release of a Jane Eyre Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book:
The Governess of Thornfield
by Charlene DeKalb
Inkitt Website

The Governess of Thornfield takes the story of Jane Eyre and puts the reader in the governess’s shoes, maneuvering their way through disagreeable relatives, mysteries in the attic, and forbidden or unwanted romance. By experiencing the full story of the classic novel by Charlotte Brontë, the reader makes all the key decisions with potentially new dramatic, romantic, or deadly outcomes.
Through this book, you can follow the twists and turns of Charlotte Brontë’s beloved story and discover how well you navigate the pitfalls of love, temptation, and despair and if it will result in your own unique happy ending.


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