Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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According to the Daily Mail, there are so-called 'statue defenders' across the country, including in Nuneaton where they watch over George Eliot's statue. And that gave way to several jokes on Twitter, of course.

Social media users mocked the George Eliot defenders after photos were shared online. 
One said: 'Oh my god ... they are ... *rubs eyes* they really are guarding the statue of George Eliot in Nuneaton.'
A second added: 'A group of men, including veterans, stood watch over the George Eliot statue in Market Place.
'I really hope the Jane Austen crew doesn’t turn up looking for trouble.'
While a third commented: 'Good to see #GeorgeEliot being protected this morning from the threatened attacks by the fierce loyalists of the Brontë Liberation Front, Gaskell’s Characters Matter, and the Austen Supremacy Party. (Danyal Hussain)
Elite Daily suggests '10 Things To Do At Home If You Love Getting Caught Up In A Good Book' including
7. Make Some Themed Snacks To Enjoy While Reading
If you like pairing your read with a yummy treat, make yourself some snacks that are on theme with whatever book you're reading. Make a pitstop in the kitchen beforehand to get yourself a slice of seed cake from Jane Eyre or bread inspired by Peeta in The Hunger Games. You'll also want to have a plate of chocolate chip cookies nearby after reading about Lara Jean's cookie recipes in To All the Boys I've Loved Before. (Rachel Chapman)
A contributor to The Guardian admits to not having seen Andrea Arnold's American Honey.
Somehow I missed American Honey when it came out in 2016, although I knew just what Andrea Arnold is capable of.
Her Wuthering Heights had only half worked but when Arnold gets inside something, she takes you right there. Inside. I left that film feeling as if I was caked in mud, exhausted and lashed wet to the bone.
The Yorkshire Moors, the Red Road Flats, Tilbury in Fish Tank – Arnold understands place on a primal level. She is often called a realist, but not by me. Yes, there is a Dogme looseness in how she shoots, but there is always a tension between the rawness she gets to and a forensic hyperreality. (Suzanne Moore)
According to Diari de Balears (Spain), reality needs fiction.
Què seria la realitat sense Ulises, sense Hamlet, sense Gregor Samsa, sense Anna Karenina, sense Miguel Strogoff, sense Heathcliff, sense Pilar de Romaní, sense Aureliano Buendía i tants altres? Seria incompleta, defectuosa i inacabada. No llegir i escoltar la ficció és no voler veure la realitat. La ficció és l’ànima que la fa real. (Joan Guasp) (Translation)
Just One More Pa(i)ge posts about My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows and Brodi Ashton.


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