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Just so you know, Wuthering Heights 'Should Be Stripped Of Their "Classic" Status Immediately' according to BuzzFeed News because a person on the internet doesn't like it and classics, as you all know, are by definition books that are loved by everybody. 
"I hate Wuthering Heights. Just a miserable book. No one is happy, everyone dies. Catherine is a ghost? And also has that weird 'person being told by another person about yet another person's personal life' narrative."
—sambro777  (Amatullah Shaw)
The Washington Post reviews The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman.
At the center of “The Disappearing Act” is an impetuous British actress named Mia Eliot, who flies to Los Angeles for high-stakes auditions. She’s been nominated for a BAFTA for her starring role in “Eyre,” a series based on the Charlotte Brontë novel. Mia hopes the publicity will pay off in Hollywood. Mia is indeed this novel’s Jane Eyre, as she is forced to draw on all her strengths when she’s pulled into a twisty mystery. It involves the disappearance of Emily Bryant, a woman she meets at an audition. What happened to Emily and why her fate is somehow linked to Mia are the two prongs of this gripping tale. When Mia unearths evidence that Emily may have been raped by a studio executive, the story gets darker still. (Carol Memmott)
Il Torinese (Italy) recommends the book Qui giace un poeta.
Questo è un libro magnifico che parla dei sepolcri di grandi personaggi; ma celebra anche le loro vite attraverso le narrazioni dei vari autori che su quelle tombe ci sono andati, spinti da curiosità e profonde emozioni. [...]
O quelle deludenti che ricordano le sorelle Emily e Charlotte Brontë -non nel suggestivo cimitero che è stato il panorama di tutta la loro vita davanti alla canonica paterna- ma nella chiesa di St. Michael’s and All Angels Haworth in Inghilterra. (Laura Goria) (Translation)
In case you're interested Screen Rant has an article on 'Twilight: Every Wuthering Heights Reference Explained'. books + ecstatic = BIBLIOSTATIC reviews an ARC of Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost by Lindsay Marcott, set to be released on August 1st.

Finally, AnneBrontë.org has a post on the Honresfeld Library. #SavetheHonresfeldLibrary


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