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 New scholar approaches to the Brontës:

Linshuo Qi
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Vol 5 No 5 (2021)

Before the Victorian era, it was rare for women to be authors and writers to fix the protagonists of their works as female characters. However, in the 19th century, there was a rapid increase of women writers and emphasis on feminist consciousness. Among all the works of women writers, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights which were written by the Brontë sisters were distinctive. The Brontë sisters conveyed their feminist consciousness and described the society in their works. Both works emphasized romantic relationships as the narrative thread. By shaping the female characters in their works as self-reliant women who fought for equivalence and freedom in the era where male chauvinism occupied leadership roles, the Brontë sisters conveyed their eagerness for freedom, equality, and their feminist consciousness. This paper combines features of the Victorian era and the Brontë sisters’ life experiences to analyze feminist consciousness in these two works and make comparisons between them.


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