Sunday, March 14, 2021

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A new Brontë-related paper just published:
The Effects of Past Lives on Males in Wuthering Heights: A Comparative Analysis of Heathcliff and Hareton
Dr. Barbara Constance, Ms. Nicaise Joseph and Mr. Richard Pierre
International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences
Vol-6, Issue-1; Jan-Feb, 2021

This article focusses on the past lives of two prominent males in Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff and Hareton. It particularly highlights the challenges that they have encountered in the past, especially those that involve how they have been treated by those in whose care they had been intrusted, namely parents and guardians. It follows how these behaviours have shaped and influenced the habits of the characters and the extent to which these behaviours have been internalised and embraced. In the instance of Hareton, the article underscores the fact that negative circumstances do not have to necessarily engender negative attitudes. They can be used to create uplifting and creative possibilities.


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