Tuesday, March 02, 2021

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This is a recent Jane Eyre retelling for children we mentioned earlier in the newsround:
Jane Eyre 
Retold by Ally Sherrick
Illustrated by Ria Maria Lee
Part of the Rising Stars Reading Planet Series
Rising Stars UK Ltd
ISBN: 9781510445246
August 2019

 Reading age: 10-11 years

Life has not been kind to orphaned Jane Eyre. Treated harshly by her Aunt Reed and bullied by her spoiled cousins, Jane is glad to be sent to Lowood School to receive an education. Finally, she can be free of her uncaring family and learn how to make her own way in the world. Years of studying pass, until finally, Jane takes on her first job as a governess to a young girl in the remote Thornfield Hall. Jane tries to convince herself that the strange noises she hears in the night are just the creakings of an old house ... but soon a deeper mystery begins to unfold, and long hidden family secrets will soon be revealed.


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