Monday, March 01, 2021

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 The Telegraph and Argus reports that,
The plaque [for childcare pioneer Florence Moser] is the latest in Bradford Civic Society’s ‘Great Women of Bradford’ series honouring women who made significant contributions to social reform, literacy, childcare and aviation. The other plaques are dedicated to author Malachi Whitaker, Victoria Cross recipient Barbara Jane Harrison and trade unionist and suffragette Julia Varley. A plaque for the Brontë sisters at their Thornton birthplace will be unveiled later this year. (Emma Clayton)
A young reporter for This Is Local London features writer Ally Sherrick.
This spectacular author has visited numerous schools prior to the pandemic and has inspired countless young people to become a part of the storytelling experience. She continues to do this through both short stories - such as a 64-page version of Jane Eyre - as well as her extended novels for children. 
“It is quite interesting when you read a book when you’re a young person and then you read it when you’re a bit older, especially with Jane Eyre, I found that I have taken different things from that book at different stages of my life. I really like that with books because they can really speak to you,” Ally asseverated. (Sayanen Sawmynaden)
AnneBrontë.org has a post on 'February In The Brontë Novels'. The Sisters' Room looks into 'How to pronounce Brontë'.


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