Monday, January 06, 2020

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Via Tulsa People we have found this must for all people like us::
Call Me Ishmael Postcards
Sentence Diagrams of Great Literary Quotes
by Pop Chart Lab

From Pride and Prejudice to Peter Pan, these postcards feature the opening lines from beloved works of adult and children’s fiction–diagrammed according to the old-school Reed-Kellogg system. The 12 designs repeat for a total of 24 postcards, which are bound in a mini hardcover book, making this a perfect gift for book lovers, college students, writers, and more.
Whether out of classroom nostalgia or curiosity, bibliophiles and grammar geeks of all ages will love how these postcards illuminate the overlap between opening lines and good design. Based on one of Pop Chart Lab’s bestselling posters, this postcard set features sentences that have been painstakingly dissected and color coded on the front with a key to the parts of speech on the back and a fun illustration of the author, making this a pictorial celebration of some of the most engaging language in literary history.
Includes a card of Jane Eyre.


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