Wednesday, December 25, 2019

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One more year, we would like to wish you a happy Christmas. May it be a day full of your favourite things and, this being BrontëBlog, a bit of the Brontës, too. Or a lot.

Our very best Christmas wishes for our readers.

From the play The Brontë Boy (2011)  by Michael Yates:
PATRICK: It is good to have my family about me.
Christmas is a time for families.
CHARLOTTE: I am sure Branwell will be back shortly, father.
EMILY: There is, I believe, some revelry in the village.
The Christmas Eve sort that involves the men.
ANNE: You mean involves strong drink.
CHARLOTTE: But I am sure he will be back tonight.
EMILY: Or early tomorrow. In time for his presents, no
doubt. I am giving him my old copy of A Christmas
Carol. To remind him what Christmas is about.
ANNE: I know the one you  mean. The spine is torn and
you have pencilled many comments in the margins. That
is not much of a Christmas present, Emily. He will think
you are a veritable Jacob Marley.
EMILY: Let him think rather that I am the Spirit of Christmas
Yet to Come. That might do him some good.
Picture Source: A Brontë Sisters Christmas Haworth by Amanda White (Down to Earth Cards)


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