Saturday, February 09, 2019

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A chance to see an open rehearsal of Jane Eyre in a new production that will be premiered in Göteborg, Sweden next month:
Open rehearsals of Jane Eyre
9 and 12 February
Folkteatern, Göteborg, Sweden
Stora Scenen

Night rehearsal of Jane Eyre
February 22 at 22-23
Stora Scenen

Are you curious about how a rehearsal can go to? Do not miss an exclusive insight into the artistic process and to get really close to the performance. At the night rope, the bar also moves into the stage, so be sure to take a beer or a glass of wine when you see what we are working on for a couple of weeks before the premiere.
EDIT: Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) announces the Göteborg performances:
Jane Eyre” av Charlotte Brontë
Den galna kvinnan på vinden är en klassisk figur och Brontës roman har flera avläggare. I denna nya version är Jane, som drömmer om ett liv i jämställdhet, lika galen som den svagsinta Bertha som hålls fången på vinden. Regi: Ragna Wei. Premiär 2/3 på Folkteatern Göteborg. (Ingegärd Waaranperä) (Translation)


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