Monday, July 16, 2018

The Observer reviews the novel Hold by Michael Donkor:
At times, there are flashes of Jane Eyre in Belinda’s role as a “governess” of sorts, but there is no Mr Rochester to save her from her life, nor a sugary ending. The focus is on the love that flows between women and the need for Belinda to find a place that feels like home. (Arifa Akbar)
L'Orient Le Jour traces a profile of the author and journalist Rula Jebreal:
Elle célèbre l’intarissable dévouement de ses professeurs, « immense source d’inspiration », et cite à répétition des auteurs tels Franz Kafka, Nizar Kabbani, Charlotte Brontë ou Margaret Atwood, « qui m’ont autorisée, d’une certaine manière, à réécrire ma propre histoire ». (Gilles Khoury) (Translation)
Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany) as quoted by BuchMarkt reviews the recent audiobook edition of Wuthering Heights, read by Rolf Boysen:
“Ich bin Heathcliff”: Rolf Boysen “verleiht mit seiner knarrenden, knarzigen, oft hämmernden Stimme diesem vom NDR produzierten und nun im Hörverlag herausgekommenen Literaturklassiker den passenden Sound. (Translation)
Still the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever chronicles: Consequences of Sound, BBC News, Xposé, NME, Beat, TV2/Lorry (Denmark), The Irish Times, Glasgow Evening Times, KO FM,..
The Sisters' Room presents a new Italian translation of Wuthering Heights. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Howdy Yal! review Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne. Literature-se (in Portuguese) continues vlogging about Jane Eyre. Girl with her Head in a Book reviews the upcoming Mrs Gaskell and Me by Nell Stevens.


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