Sunday, March 18, 2018

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A new book with Brontë-related content:
The Victorian Era in Twenty-First Century Children’s and Adolescent Literature and CultureEdited by Sonya Sawyer Fritz, Sara K. Day
ISBN: 9781138551206
February 2018

Victorian literature for audiences of all ages provides a broad foundation upon which to explore complex and evolving ideas about young people. In turn, this collection argues, contemporary works for young people that draw on Victorian literature and culture ultimately reflect our own disruptions and upheavals, particularly as they relate to child and adolescent readers and our experiences of them. The essays therein suggest that we struggle now, as the Victorians did then, to assert a cohesive understanding of young readers, and that this lack of cohesion is a result of or a parallel to the disruptions taking place on a larger (even global) scale.
The book contains the chapters:
Chapter 9. Intertextuality, Adaptation or Fanfiction? April Lindner and the Brontë Sisters by Nicole L. Wilson

Chapter 10. Growing Up Empowered by Jane: An Examination of Jane Eyre in Twenty-First Century Children's and Young Adult Literature by Anah-Jayne Markland.


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