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Smithsonian Magazine highlights the 'Ten Major Anniversaries Worth Traveling For This Year', one of which is
4. Birth of Emily Brontë — 200 years
Brit lit buffs may know that Emily Brontë, the Brontë sister who most notably authored Wuthering Heights, was born 200 years ago, on July 30, in a village called Thornton Market Street. An insular animal lover, Brontë shocked Victorian audiences with her dark, gritty novel, a tale of base lust and impassioned violence set against the stark backdrop of English moor country. Many period critics were scandalized that anyone could produce such an unflinchingly dark book, let alone a seemingly mild-mannered woman.
Wuthering Heights, which has since spawned numerous movies, TV series and additional works of written fiction, was fated to be Emily Brontë’s first and only novel. She caught a nasty cold at her brother Patrick’s 1848 funeral, one which rapidly worsened, opening the door for tuberculosis. Repeatedly refusing the aid of a physician (she distrusted doctors), a consumptive Emily went on to die in her bed, aged 30. Wuthering Heights was published only one year prior, under the nom de plume Ellis Bell.
British actress and entrepreneur Lily Cole will be helming Emily Bronte bicentenary festivities at the Brontë Parsonage Museum, located in the sisters’ former West Yorkshire residence. Cole will be conducting and presenting an analysis of the real-life inspiration for the Heathcliff character in collaboration with London’s Foundling Museum. Patience Agabi, Kate Whiteford and The Unthanks, meanwhile, will pay poetic, painterly and musical tribute to Emily. More details will emerge as the date draws nearer. (Ryan P. Smith)
Yorkshire Coast Radio News announces that this year's 'Tour de Yorkshire Land Art Competition' has just been launched and recalls the fact that,
Last year a giant piece of art celebrating the 200th birthday of Branwell Brontë - commissioned by Andrew Wood from Fields of Vision with the help of children from Haworth Primary School -  was crowned the winner after an international public vote, and the coveted trophy is now up for grabs once again.
Cinestaan (India) lists '9 memorable films roles of the renown singer Suraiya' such as
7. Dillagi (1949)
The romantic tragedy, with actor Shyam as the hero, was largely inspired by Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights and its Hollywood adaption in 1939 by William Wyler. Actor Dharmendra later said that he had loved her performance in Dillagi so much that he watched it 40 times! Adding that he had to walk miles to get to the theatre for each show. (Sonal Pandya)
Jane Eyre's library, in Spanish, has begun sharing an annotated Spanish translation of Jane Eyre. Here's the link to the first chapter.


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