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Holiday Lettings (via Keighley News) lists the best affordable Christmas getaways in the UK:
Looking for a literary break this Christmas? Step back in time with a look around the Parsonage that was home to the Brontë family. This well-preserved building gives a feel of what life would have been like there for the three talented sisters and their brother Branwell. If you enjoy walking, then Haworth’s moorland is the ideal place to set off in the footsteps Cathy and Heathcliff. The village also offers a variety of interesting shops arranged along its quaint cobbled streets. And if you’re in need of refreshments, Haworth offers a range of restaurants, cafes and pubs, including Branwell Brontë’s favourite haunt, The Black Bull.
The Telegraph & Argus describes the stages of Le Tour de Yorkshire 2018 which include Haworth:
Stage Four: 189.5km – The Yorkshire Terrier - Halifax to Leeds Sunday 6 May
The Piece Hall in Halifax provides a spectacular location for the start of this decisive stage and the first of six categorised climbs comes on the Côte de Hebden Bridge. The race will head up the cobbled Main Street in Haworth before dropping into Goose Eye for the next punishing ascent. Crossing from Brontë Country into Craven, the route heads through Skipton and the next climb is looming on Barden Moor. (Will Kilner)
The Adelaide Review highlights local character Liam Horwood:
Horwood always has a good book on the go, and offers nice short reviews on them. He’s just picked up a copy of A Hundred Years of Solitude, but has shifted back to a Charlotte Brontë classic, Shirley, as the former was “a bit overwhelming”. (Lee Greenfield)
Colorado Springs Independent reviews the book We're Going to Be Friends by Jack White and Elinor Blake:
Music about books is not always such a great idea. For every Kate Bush ode to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights — or Sufjan Stevens homage to Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find — we get an Axl Rose crooning, “Oooh, the Catcher in the Rye again / Won’t let ya get away from him.” (Bill Forman)
Arab Times talks about the film Benzine by Sarra Abidi:
Once the women are alone, however, Nassim confides to Sahra that she's faking insanity in order to get away from her suddenly abusive and violent husband. And so a strange dynamic evolves in which the pale-eyed, freckled Sahra, plain under her uniform's wimple, is the Jane Eyre befriending the apparently mad wife of Masoud's brooding, glowering Rochester — a Gothic impression born out by the hospital's frequent power cuts, which necessitate the use of candles and oil lamps in its echoey passageways. (RTRS)
Heavy has a list of slightly sexist Christmas gifts for your 'girlfriend':
If your girlfriend loves literary classics, then she will adore this thoughtful gift set, which focuses on some of the most celebrated female authors in history. The set includes Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and Villette, all with beautifully illustrated hard covers. (Lara Turner)
Barbadillo (in Italian) interviews writer and translator Silvio Raffo:
Quali poetesse hanno raccolto la lezione della Dickinson riuscendo a trasporla, in modo innovativo, successivamente alla sua morte? (Matteo Fais) (Translation)
Le altre sono sorelle, “ancelle” di Emily, ma molto diverse da lei come resa espressiva. La più simile è Emily Brontë (mi son divertito a evidenziare alcuni passi analoghi nelle due vergini recluse) e, subito dopo, Christina Rossetti (in cui prevale però la dolcezza e il misticismo).
Librotea (in Spanish) lists Wuthering Heights amongst the 19 novels of the 19th century you should read. Barbarella Vinyls (in Spanish) posts about Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. Antti Alanen: Film Diary reviews Wuthering Heights 1939.


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