Monday, May 29, 2017

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Jane Eyre is a song recently digitally released by Daniel Zaitchik. Not really about Charlotte Brontë's heroine but it's a nice reference anyway:

Written in 2006.

The author says on his blog:
I wrote this song over a decade ago, but only got around to recording and releasing it now.  It's on iTunes and the like today.  It features violin by Ariana Rosen and cello by Lauren Riley Rigby.  We also made a little music video for the tune, shot and edited by Marjorie LeWit.  Most things I wrote this long ago make me cringe, but I still feel a connection with this one, so I figured I'd throw it out there.  Thanks for taking a look and listen.  
I tried to read Jane Eyre but I couldn’t get through it
after several pages my eyes were elsewhere and I blew it
I’ll never read Jane Eyre, I know I’ll never get through it
and though i’d like to kiss you, I’m sitting on my fingers
cuz i know that I lost the right to do it when I put you down
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