Thursday, April 27, 2017

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We read in several media, like The Hollywood Reporter, about the dead of the actress Batman 1966) and some 50's low budget movies like Target Earth 1954.

Kathleen Crowley (1929-2017). She was a constant presence in the US TV shows of the fifties and sixties (maybe she is best remembered as Sophia Starr in Batman.

One of her very first roles in TV was an adaptation of Jane Eyre in 1951:
Kraft Television Theatre
Jane Eyre
28 February 1951, 9.00
Producer: Stanley Quinn
Director: Dick Dunlap
With Kathlenn Crowley, John Baragrey, Peggy Nelson, Amy Douglas, John Stephen, Shirley Dale Moore, Rhoderick Walker, Alan Shayne, Rica Martens.
In It Came from Horrorwood: Interviews with Moviemakers in the SF and Horror, she said about the production:
These were the days of live television from New York; there was Kraft Television Theatre where I did Jane Eyre with John Baragray as Rochester, all very important things, etc.
The budget was so small [she is talking about Target Earth], one of the sets started to fall one time! That happened to me on live television, on Jane Eyre, which was horrible.


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