Sunday, October 30, 2016

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Two new books with Brontë-related content published both in Sweden and Australia:
by Eva-Marie Liffner
ISBN: 9789127149366

Four rectory children and a dog running across a windy moor. It's a strange place, where imagination reigns and everything you write poetry can become a reality. A moorland where a shy girl can be both Duke and navigators.

In another time, follow the soldier Shaw the narrow road between life and death, lost in a war no one understands. 'The Great War' is called by those who were, like all other war hidden in this vast - a struggle that makes funeral pyres of an entire world.

Imagination, ingenuity and forgotten language gray keys is what opens the gates between the worlds - the landscape of "Wuthering Heights" or "Death's underground ports" (?).

Eva-Marie Liffners fifth novel, "Blåst!" Brontë's about the kids, it's about a soldier lost in the First World War, but mainly it is a story about the power of imagination and the ability to overcome forgetfulness as well as death. In a surprising way she weaves together the siblings Brontë fantastic worlds of JRR Tolkien, a hundred years later. "Blown!" is a tribute to literature's ability to blur the boundaries between dream and waking, between now and then. (Translated via Google Translator)
Wild Island 
Jennifer Livett
Allen & Unwin
ISBN:  9781760113834

A brilliant debut novel that provides an alternative ending to Jane Eyre in Van Diemen's Land.
'My name is Harriet Adair, and forty years ago on that ship I was Jane Eyre's companion. That voyage also brought me friendship with another intrepid Jane: Lady Franklin. Her husband, Sir John, the Arctic Lion, was Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land during the six turbulent years when Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester had good reason to be closely interested in the island.'
Harriet Adair has come to Van Diemen's Land with Mrs Anna Rochester, who is recovering from years of imprisonment in the attic of 'Thornfield Hall'. Sent to the colony by Jane and Rochester, they are searching for the truth about Anna's past, trying to unearth long-buried secrets.
Captain Charles O'Hara Booth, Commandant of Port Arthur Penal Settlement, fears some secrets of his own will be discovered when Sir John Franklin replaces Colonel Arthur as Governor. Franklin and his wife Jane arrive in Hobart Town to find the colony is run by a clique of Arthur's former army officers who have no intention of relinquishing their power.
This dazzling modern recreation of a nineteenth century novel ingeniously entwines Jane Eyre's iconic love story with Sir John Franklin's great tale of exploration and empire. A brilliant and historically accurate depiction of Van Diemen's Land society in the 1800s, as well as a vivid portrayal of the human cost of colonisation, Wild Island shows us that fiction and history are not so different after all. Each story, whether it be truth or fiction, is shaped by its teller.


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