Monday, September 26, 2016

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Some new student study guides of Brontë novels:
Study and Revise for GCSE: Jane Eyre
Mike Jones
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781471853609
Published: 27/05/2016

Enable students to achieve their best grade in GCSE English Literature with this year-round course companion; designed to instil in-depth textual understanding as students read, analyse and revise Jane Eyre throughout the course.
This Study and Revise guide:
- Increases students' knowledge of Jane Eyre as they progress through the detailed commentary and contextual information written by experienced teachers and examiners.
- Develops understanding of plot, characterisation, themes and language, equipping students with a rich bank of textual examples to enhance their exam responses.
- Builds critical and analytical skills through challenging, thought-provoking questions that encourage students to form their own personal responses to the text. (...)

Study and Revise for AS/A-level: Wuthering Heights
Andrew Green
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781471854286
Published: 27/05/2016
Extent: 112 pages


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