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Starting today, August 1, BBC Radio 4 Extra offers the chance to listen again the 2005 dramatization of The Professor, written by Rachel Joyce.
The Professor (first aired on BBC4, September 2005)

William Crimsworth ...... Paul Venables
Edward Crimsworth ...... Jonathan Keeble
Mrs Crimsworth ...... Ruth Sillers
Lord Tynedale ...... Gerard McDermott
Young William / Victor ...... Jack Miller
Hunsden ..... Shaun Dooley
Monsieur Pelet ...... Roger May
Zoraide Reuter ......
Niamh Cusack
Madame Pelet ...... Natasha Pyne
Mr Brown ...... Harry Myers
Frances ..... Claire Price
Sylvie .... Penelope Rawlins

Producer/director Tracey Neale.
Dramatised by Rachel Joyce

BBC Radio 4 Extra
Monday to Friday, 2:30 PM
1/10. Trade (August 1)
The orphaned William Crimsworth is a young man with nothing. As he sets out to make his way in the world he doesn't want to be indebted to anyone. But running parallel with this need for
self-control is the desperate need to love and be loved in return.
2/10. Freedom (August 2)
Eschewing his aristocratic background, Crimsworth has rejected aid from his mother's family and is now working as clerk to his brother. But all is not well.
3/10. Belgium (August 3)
Unable to work any longer for his tyrant of a brother William has left the Mill. With no job and no prospects he finds himself in Belgium on Hunsden's advice, seeking work. But how will he fare?
4/10. Zoraide (August 4)
William feels he has found his natural place. A gifted teacher, he is happy and content. He finds further work in the neighbouring school for girls. The very same place he has heard a laughing voice, an enchanting ringing laugh.
5/10 Deceit (August 5)
William finds himself attracted to the Directrice of the girls' school. But not everything is as it seems.
6/10 Frances (August 8)
William becomes intrigued by the shy and gentle Frances - there is a sadness about her and he wonders why. But someone is watching him from the shadows.
7/10 Loss (August 9)
William spurns Mademoiselle's advances and Frances disappears from class.
8/10 Turmoil (August 10)
In turmoil at his loss and unsure of what to do, a determined William begins to search the streets of Brussels - but will he find what he's looking for?
9/10 Joy and Sorrow (August 11)
William has no job, no prospects and no future, but he still has his pride - is that enough to save him?
10/10 Victor (August 12)
Married to the woman he adores and successful in his work, William is about to bring his journal to a close. But there is one last part of the story to be told.

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