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A new Jane Eyre amateur production opens today, May 2, in Keighley:
Keighley Playhouse presents
Jane Eyre
A Romantic Drama by Charlotte Brontë
Adapted by Constance Cox
Directed by Mike Boothroyd
Monday 2nd May 2016 to Saturday 7th May 2016

Jane Eyre arrives at Thornfield Hall to act as governess to Mr Rochester's ward Adele. The mysterious Rochester is often absent on his business affairs but, overtime, he and Jane fall in love and plan to marry. However, on their wedding day Jane discovers that a Mrs Rochester already exists. Heartbroken, she leaves Thornfield but returns years later to claim her lost love.
Keighley News gives some more information:
A spokesman said: “Jane Eyre tells the personal struggle of a young woman, who maintains a separate identity and independence in the suffocating pressures of her culture.
“Each setting and situation that she encounters, denotes a phase in her personal progress, teaching her and preparing her for the next experience.” (...)
Mike Boothroyd, director of Jane Eyre, said: “It’s a journey of a woman's independence, strength and of the clash between morals and passion.
“Through adversity, harsh conditions and determination Jane’s life becomes a battle in a man’s world.
“Mysterious secrets and a brooding haunted man with a dark past wrapped in a misty atmosphere combines mystery, romance, drama and tragedy.”
The Keighley Playhouse presentation of Jane Eyre is described as a story so powerful, the audience’s weary hearts may faint for rest.
Mike added: “Jane Eyre is undoubtedly, one of the greatest works of English fiction that centres on a love story aflame with passion and yet, madness. It's difficult to imagine a better gothic romantic story.
“Something nasty is lurking in the attic, which must be overcome, before the lovers can enjoy a happy ending.
“If ever it was meant to be, then this tale of true love is on fire. It could burn the house down!
The cast includes Dale Chadwick, Deborah Mouat, Beth Welch, Lynne Howell, Harry Rundle, Danielle Stephenson, Stephanie Laycock, Martha Edwards and Johnny Socha. (David Knights)


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