Saturday, December 12, 2015

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The last two episodes of Emmerdale contained a bit of Brontë trivia:
And finally, as it’s Bob’s birthday, Carly and Brenda compromise with a mixture of geocaching and the Brontë sisters! (Lynn Connolly on UnrealityTV)
Brenda is making the clues and the treasure hunt will happen in Haworth (well, Haworth à la Emmerdale of course) (December 10 episode).

In the December 11th episode, the treasure hunt is made, but we only witness a couple of clues. The first one to appear, as Ashley says, is not properly a Brontë quote:

And the other one: 'Reader, I Married Him' is confused as being said by Jane Austen's Darcy (even Carly mentions Bridget Jones). Fortunately Bob know his Brontës and saves the day saying Jane Eyre:


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