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As we asked previously on a Jane Eyre mutilated editor, now is Wuthering Heights's it really necessary?
Wuthering Heights
Abridged and Retold, with Notes and Free Audiobook
Emily Brontë
ISBN: 9781910965184
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Geddes & Grosset
Edition: Abridged edition

Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights tells the story of the ill-fated love of Catherine Earnshaw for the dark and brooding Heathcliff. It is one of the most passionate novels written in English literature. Set on the bleak Yorkshire moors in the north of England, the story tells of Heathcliff’s revenge against Catherine’s husband, and his sister, but ends with the hope of redemption through the next generation. This novel was the only one written by Emily Brontë, and when it first appeared the book's reception was controversial, as it challenged Victorian ideals of morality, social hierarchy, and the position of women in society. Today the novel is read all over the world and judged to be one of the greatest novels written.
This classic novel is ideal for ELT and young people with English as their first language, as a graded reader ideal for aged 12+. The story is of universal appeal, and is a passionate, timeless story. It is suitable for adults who are learning English, looking for a strong story. The book contains a simple glossary (to explain difficult words or dialect, and notes on the story, and characters. This book comes with a CD of the story, so you can listen to it again.


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