Wednesday, September 02, 2015

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 © Lancashire County Council's archive
An exhibition currently at the Museum of Literature in Preston, Lancashire contains an interesting piece of Brontëana. A letter from Charlotte Brontë:
75 Years, 74 TreasuresSome of the county’s rarest historic items, brought together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Lancashire County Council’s archive service.

Museum of Lancashire, Stanley Street, Preston, until Saturday, September 27
Lancaster Maritime Museum, Custom House, St George’s Quay, Lancaster from October 3 until January 10, 2016.
But now items like a letter from Charlotte Brontë, watercolour paintings of Lancashire landmarks, a ship’s logbook, lost property registers from Blackpool trams, maps and sketchbooks, are considered such gems they feature in a new exhibition. (The Blackpool Gazette)
In their day, they would have seemed nothing out of the ordinary.
The letter is from Charlotte Brontë to Lady Kay-Shuttleworth, 22 March 1850 after her visit to Gawthorpe Hall.


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