Wednesday, July 01, 2015

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The new album by the UK jazz singer and songwriter Juliet Kelly contains a cover of no other that Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights:
Juliet Kelly
Track Listing: One More Dance; Little Things; Wuthering Heights; Devilish Disguise; Ghosts; All He'll Ever Need; No One Can Tell; Beautiful Smile; Magic & Mystery; Heaven Scent; Forbidden Fruit.
Personnel: Juliet Kelly: vocals; Nick Ramm: piano, keyboards; Oli Hayhurst: bass; Eddie Hick: drums; Manjeet Singh Rasiya: tabla
All about Jazz is not the biggest fan though:
There's an obvious inspiration for "Wuthering Heights." Two inspirations, really—for this is a cover of Kate Bush's classic paean to Emily Brontë's evocation of all things ghostly and moor-ish. It's something of an oddity—Kelly has described it as a Marmite song, one to be loved or hated. For this reviewer of a certain age, whose memories of Kate Bush's original run deep, the experiment is an honorable failure: Ramm's keyboard uncharacteristically fails to capture the atmosphere of the tale and Kelly's vocal lacks Bush's spookiness.  (Bruce Lindsay)


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