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A nice review of Deborah Lutz's The Brontë Cabinet in The Boston Globe:
Once upon a time in 19th-century Yorkshire, three sisters lived on the moors, wrote some of British literature’s most famous novels, and birthed a literary industry. Yes, we’re talking about Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë, “Jane Eyre” and “Wuthering Heights,” and the world of Brontë fans and fanatics, second only to the world of Austen fans and fanatics.
Now comes “The Brontë Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects” to exponentially raise the Brontëan stakes. Who knew that the Brontës had pheasants named Rainbow, Diamond, Snowflake, and Jasper? That Emily once fit the drafts of eight poems onto a single scrap of paper three-by-two-and-a-quarter inches? That on her honeymoon in Ireland, Charlotte stopped in Killarney, “a thriving tourist spot for Victorian ‘fernists’ ” to pick entries for a fern album? Who even knew that a fern album was a thing, let alone that a “fern craze” swept mid-19th-century Britain? (Read more) (Rebecca Steinitz)
Also in The Boston Globe, a future Brontëite?
Marissa Rodriguez, a multilingual tutor in English High’s Zone room, dedicated herself to [Wanderson] Pinales, who now counts “Jane Eyre’’ among his favorite books and plays trumpet in the school band. (Bob Hohler)
Good news for the Oxenhope Parish Church as reported in Keighley News:
An historic Oxenhope church is to receive a £37,500 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant.
The money for St Mary the Virgin Church, in Hebden Bridge Road, will support a project to undertake much needed restoration to the church tower walls.
The scheme is costing £120,000 and the announcement of the latest funding will allow custodians of the Grade II listed property to complete the work. (...)
The church’s history includes a link to the world famous Brontë family.
In 1845, the Rev Patrick Brontë, father of the famous novelist sisters Charlotte, Anne and Emily, and their brother Branwell, appointed the then curate, the Rev Joseph Brett Grant, to take charge of the newly formed ecclesiastical district.
That district is now known as Oxenhope village parish.
La Nueva España (Spain) reports the publishing of La Guerrera del Valle, a novel by Beatriz Alonso:
A Beatriz Alonso, que se describe como "soñadora incurable", le gusta escribir y disfrutar de un buen libro, sobre todo al anochecer, desde su infancia. Sus autores de cabecera son las hermanas Brontë, Jane Austen, Dickens, Henry James o Emile Zola. (J.A. Vega) (Translation)
Heroes are my Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips  is presented in La Opinión de Murcia (Spain):
En la historia de su nuevo libro, Los héroes son mi debilidad (Vergara), además de romance hay un toque de misterio, gótico, que recuerda a Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë e incluso Georgette Heyer. (Virginia Guzmán)
Este libro es un tributo a las novelas góticas, tiene referencias a Jane Eyre, a Rebeca, de Daphne du Maurier. Me encantaban ese tipo de novelas cuando era joven. Y ha sido muy divertido coger los elementos de estas historias, con sus casas y héroes misteriosos, que pueden ser villanos, y traerlo todo a los tiempos modernos, desarrollar más los personajes e incluso hacerlos más sexys. (Translation)
JK's TheatreScene reminds of the Broadway opening of Jane Eyre. The Musical, fifteen years ago.

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