Friday, February 06, 2015

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Today, February 6, opens in Colombo, Sri Lanka a student production of Jane Eyre:
Jane Eyre
Directed by Vinodh Senadeera
Colombo International School Auditorium
February 6 and 7, 7.30 PM

The immortal classic Jane Eyre will be given life by Vinodh Senadeera and his cast of budding actors at the Colombo International School auditorium on February 6.

 “It’s a beautiful play, dark and serious, but with a glimmer of light - a story that really speaks to you emotionally, and says that there’s always a hope for happiness,” says Amrita Khandpur, who plays the protagonist, none other than Jane herself. Her drama career started at the age of five and has continued since then without interruptions, but “this is one of the most challenging,” she says, “since Jane is a character with a lot of depth, and we see a lot of the different sides of her over the course of the play.” She appears excited and always laughing, but transforms totally and wears the role of Jane like a glove on stage. She scribbles notes on her script again, hoping that after printing notices, publicizing on social media, and coordinating with the Prefects’ Guild, all the hours of dedicated work will produce gorgeous results.

According to Vinodh, head of Performing Arts at Colombo International School, “The story is fantastic.” He is no stranger to serious, haunting plays, well known for his interpretations of Shakespeare and such classics, and has full confidence in the young thespians. He directs the play with ease and finesse, making even the shiest, softest of teenage girls into confident actors. Walking around the stage, moving set pieces, reading lines, it’s very clear that the theatre is his home. Vinodh hopes the best for the play; “we’ve got a lovely tale and a talented cast,” he says with a smile. (The Nation)


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