Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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This scholar book with Brontë content has been republished:
A Practical Reader in Contemporary Literary Theory
By Peter Brooker, Peter Widdowson
Routledge October 20th 2014

This introduction to practicing literary theory is a reader consisting of extracts from critical analyses, largely by 20th century Anglo-American literary critics, set around major literary texts that undergraduate students are known to be familiar with. It is specifically targeted to present literary criticism through practical examples of essays by literary theorists themselves, on texts both within and outside the literary canon. Four example essays are included for each author/text presented. 
The book contains the chapter:  4. Charlotte Brontë's " Jane Eyre". (Critics): V. Woolf, Marxist-Feminist Collective, S. Gilbert and S. Gubar, G. Spivak


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