Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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The Pigeonhole is a very special digital publisher (with a very clean IOS and web apps, not Android for the moment) which tries to enhance the reading with several extras:
Read one stave a week
Subscribe to a book and receive weekly installments to your bookshelf, which you can read with our iOS app or web reader. If you join mid-cycle, you’ll get instant access to all previous staves.

Get behind the story
Each week, we unlock one tile on the storyboard, featuring specially-crafted content related to the story and the creative process: videos, interviews, images and much more.

Discuss as you read
Post comments and questions on a dedicated discussion board – the author is also actively involved in the conversation. It's the coolest book club on the internet.
Now is Wuthering Heights turn:
 Set in the desolate and wild Yorkshire moors, Wuthering Heights is one of English literature’s best examples of a heart-breaking tale. Surrounded by love, loss, and revenge, Catherine and Heathcliff’s demonic love is one that will haunt and entrance you.
The first 'stave' is ‘The mind-forg’d manacles’: An Introduction to Wuthering Heights by Hila Shachar, De Montfort University.


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