Tuesday, December 02, 2014

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This is actually so insane as hilarious:
Jurassic Jane Eyre: The Dinosaur Turned Me Lesbian
Carrie Sessarego (Author), Sarah Wendell (Illustrator)
Published: Nov. 24, 2014
Words: 3,800
ISBN: 9781310153860

Jane, a lonely orphan, travels back in time and meets a fetching T. rex named Edwina. Love blossoms - but Edwina has secrets she dare not divulge. Will Jane come to learn the pleasures a female dinosaur can offer, or will Edwina's secrets, size, gender, and species keep them apart?
The author explains how this story came to be:
This story came about because of a book and a review. The book was the priceless gem, The Billionaire Dinosaur Forced me Gay, by Hunter Fox. The review, posted on Amazon by Liam Pierce, said, simply, “The Wuthering Heights of Gay Dinosaur Fiction.”
When this was revealed to me on Twitter, I joked that I would be much more interested in reading “The Jane Eyre of Gay Dinosaur Fiction.” Then I thought, “Wait a minute – I could TOTALLY write the Jane Eyre of Gay Dinosaur Fiction.”
So I did.


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