Monday, December 01, 2014

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Here's how Independent (Ireland) introduces Psychobitches:
An opportunity to psychoanalyse some of the most famous women in history, including the Brontë sisters, Sylvia Plath, Margot Fontaine and Audrey Hepburn, might seem a zany idea for a comedy series, but Psychobitches proves that zany can be mainstream enough to succeed, and - more importantly - that what might once have been called 'women's' comedy is now just comedy. (Emily Hourican)
Melanie Philips writes in The Times about the recently deceased PD James:
Maybe because they tend to lead more constrained and responsible lives, women have often used the safety of fiction to kick over the traces. Think of the Brontë sisters’ novels; or think of Jane Austen (who James thought would have made an excellent detective writer) hiding her subversive and devastating demolitions of human behaviour beneath the tablecloth. 
Les Soeurs Brontë writes in French about that time Patrick Brontë gave a mask to his children. All the Year Round (in Spanish) and Fanda Classiclit post about Jane Eyre. Depaginaomslaan (in Dutch) posts a Wuthering Heights-inspired entry.


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