Monday, December 15, 2014

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Perth Now publishes an extract from Genevieve Gannon’s new book, Husband Hunters.
‘Marriage seems like a sham sometimes,’ said Clementine sadly. ‘I’d never made it a priority before, but I’m starting to realise I do want—’
‘Love?’ Annabel asked.
‘A family?’ said Daniela at the same time.
‘Well, all the trappings,’ said Clementine. ‘I’ve seen enough failed marriages to know I shouldn’t rely on a big white wedding to make me happy forever. But I do want children. I want to read the Brontë and Mitford sisters to my daughters, and I want to show my sons how to change a tyre. Come to that, I want to read Jane Eyre to my sons and teach my daughters car maintenance.’
Alison May has re-read Wuthering Heights. The Book Trail traces a literary route from Wide Sargasso Sea until Jane Stubbs's Thornfield Hall passing by, obviously, Jane Eyre.

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