Sunday, September 28, 2014

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An alert for today, September 28, from the Bradford Literature Festival:
Christa Ackroyd
Historical Bradford Tour: Brontë Heritage
Sunday 28 September10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Meeting Point – National Media Museum

There is so much more to the story of the Brontë sisters than simply being the literary daughters of a clergyman. Like their father, they were social pioneers, recording the difficult times they lived in and writing under masculine pseudonyms because the subjects they wished to embrace would never be, in Charlotte’s words, considered positively feminine.

If their books continue to fascinate generations, then the story of these three incredible women is surely as exciting and passionate as anything which flowed from their pens. Tragic yet invigorating, their lives and passions continue to inspire today and their spirits live on through the subjects they wrote about; fairness, equality of class, race, gender – each as relevant now as it was then.

Join Brontë enthusiast Christa Ackroyd on our classic vintage bus for this unique tour, taking in the most important Brontë heritage sites in the district, to discover the untold story of the country’s most famous literary family:

• Learn about their visionary father, sent to the West Riding by William Wilberforce and the Clapham set, to help the poor amidst the Luddite uprisings.
• Travel to Thornton village where Patrick Brontë preached and where his famous daughters were born.
• Take in breathtaking views of the moors now immortalised in Wuthering Heights and stop for lunch in Luddenden at the Lord Nelson Inn, one of Branwell’s favourite drinking spots.
• Spend the afternoon at the Parsonage in Haworth, where the Brontë sisters lived and wrote their classic novels. Enjoy a personalised tour of the museum, including an exclusive private visit to the museum library to view close up some of the treasures of the collection.
This is an unrivalled opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Emily, Anne and Charlotte. The tour includes expert guide, pick-up and return from Bradford city centre in a classic vintage tour bus, lunch at the Lord Nelson in Luddenden, readings from the famous works of the Brontë sisters, as well as entry to Brontë Parsonage Museum.
And a very different one in Voorheesville, NY:
Old Songs: 37 S. Main St., Voorheesville. 469-0202 Sunday Four Poetry Open Mic, hosted by Dennis Sullivan, Edie Abrams and Mike Burke, featuring Barbara Ungar reading from “Charlotte Brontë, You Ruined My Life” 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28. (Via Troy Record)


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