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Source: V. David-Martin
The writer and lecturer in English, Dr Hilda D Spear (1926-2014) died May 10, at the age of 87.
Dr Hilda D Spear, who has died aged 87, was a writer and lecturer whose main research interest was 20th century literature. She produced numerous studies of the works of writers including EM Forster, DH Lawrence and John Fowles although her most popular proved to be her Macmillan Master Guide to Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. She was also a leading light in Dundee University's English department.
Another of her greatest passions was First World War poetry, her fascination for which fired the enthusiasm of students on her course on literature of the Great War. Many of those students went on to postgraduate study related to the conflict.
Within Dundee University, Dr Spear was an indefatigable force when it came to organising both academic and social events, while, in parallel to her career, also raising two daughters and supporting her husband in his work as a distinguished physicist. In retirement, she went on to champion and protect a part of Dundee's environmental heritage. (...)
Her monograph Remembering, We Forget: A Background to the Poetry of The First World War, published in 1979, was one of the most significant of her many publications.
Another major piece of work was her study, Iris Murdoch, which first appeared in 1995. (Alison Shaw in The Herald)
The Wuthering Heights MacMillan Master Guide was published in 1985.


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