Monday, May 12, 2014

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A YA Brontë-related just published as an ebook:
Braving the Brontës (Carly Keene: Literary Detective #1)
by Katherine Rue
Paperback, 107 pages
Published May 1st 2014 by In This Together Media (first published January 1st 2013)
ISBN: 139780989816625

Spunky young Alaskan Carly Keene and her best friend Francesca have never met a book they didn't like. But they've never been in a book before.
Carly Keene: Braving the Brontës is the funny and heartwarming story of a young reader caught up in the adventure of a book lover's lifetime. A chance nap in a magical bookstore sends Carly spiraling back in time. When she wakes up, it's 1846, everyone thinks her name is Caroline, and a young woman named Charlotte Brontë is trying to compose one of the greatest books ever written... Jane Eyre. 
And that's not all. Maria, the spirit of the Brontë sisters' dead sibling, is haunting Carly, telling her that Charlotte's got to finish her book--or else.
With literary history on the line, Carly Keene will battle foggy moors, ghostly apparitions, cholera epidemics, and the horror that is nineteenth-century homework: needlework, French, needlework, German, and more needlework. It's as much as a spunky 21st-century girl can handle, but if anyone can brave the Brontës, it's Carly Keene. 


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