Sunday, March 02, 2014

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The Company Beyond The Wall Theatre presents Polly Teale's Brontë in London:
Beyond The Wall Theatre presents
Brontë by Polly Teale
The Space
269 Westferry Road
London E14 3RS
2nd March, 7pm

Polly Teale’s Brontë is the debut production for newly founded Beyond the Wall theatre company. It is the story of the Bronte family, showing the actual events which helped to inspire some of the most famed stories and characters of English literature. We follow the three Brontë sisters Emily, Charlotte and Anne all of whom etched their names into the literary hall of fame during their short and eventful lives. As well as the sisters the story will focus on their brother Branwell, who was plagued with alcoholism after a failed literary career. He proves to be the catalyst which sparks conflict within the Brontë household and his unique actions lead to inspiring some of the most recognisable characters within the sister’s works. We see some of these characters come to life on stage, portraying some of the most famous scenes from books such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. Join us for this one night only performance and learn about one of the most famous names in English cultural heritage. Beyond the Wall is an amateur theatre company.
The company presented previously its production at the Buckinghamshire New University last February 21.


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