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The Fire This Time Festival is a theatre festival  (now in its fifth edition) in The Bowery, New York:
The African American experience is not represented solely by one voice or one style. Horse Trade Theater Group will present THE FIRE THIS TIME FESTIVAL, a platform for talented early-career playwrights of African and African American descent to explore new voices, styles and challenging new directions for 21st century performing arts, and move beyond common ideas of what's possible in "black theater."
The festival's core production is a short play festival, presenting new work by the featured playwrights.
One of the short plays presented is Jonathan Payne's The Weatherin' which is 'loosely based on Wuthering Heights'. The author of the play read it on high school and immediately felt a connection with it as he says in this interview by Kevin R. Free.
The Kraine Theater, 85 E. 4th St.
January 21 - February 3

The Weatherin'by Jonathan Payne
Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz
"History's a ghost. We just choose to forget. It'll remind ya, though. One time to another, my time to your time...Forty years ago it was...Night I cross that river...somebody died..."
(Via The Villager)


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