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Anjelica Huston shares her seven favourite coming-of-age books on The Week.
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë [...]. A novel of great intensity and moral sensibility in which, as in Beauty and the Beast, love conquers all.
The BBC series Last Tango in Halifax is the subject of a couple of articles in the press, both of them sort of connecting it to the Brontës. According to the Leeds Student,
Inspired by her elderly mother’s second marriage, Sally Wainwright has created a drama that is more Alan Bennett than Wuthering Heights: quiet and understated but still packing a hefty punch. (Ben Cook)
While the Daily Mail looks at several places seen on the series, such as
Holdsworth House hotel and restaurant, in Calderdale near Halifax, is looking forward to starring in the second series. The elegant, ivy-clad Grade II listed building was home to the cast and crew for several days during September while filming took place in the lounge, restaurant, bar and garden.
This character-filled Jacobean manor house dating back to the 17th Century is on the edge of Brontë country and no stranger to famous guests. A year after it first opened as a hotel, the Fab Four came to stay for John Lennon's 24th birthday in October 1964. (Bridget McGrouther)
TV Equals reviews the Fallout (S01E10) episode of Masters of Sex.
On the other hand, we have the arguably more despicable Austin- at least in his own way. After all, the guy repeatedly and regularly cheats on his wife, and his reaction to finding out he’d gotten one of the girls from the sex study pregnant wasn’t exactly positive, if admittedly amusing. “I’m not insensitive to the needs of women,” he pleaded to a bewildered Masters, “I mean, I read ‘Jane Eyre’ in college. Or no, Jane Austen.” (Full disclosure: I might have laughed more at this than I normally would have, as I just had to read both of the above for class myself, so I felt his pain somewhat!) (Mark Trammell)


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