Monday, October 28, 2013

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Today, October 28th, sees the release of the uncut version of Wuthering Heights 1967 on DVD for the first time in the UK.
 Wuthering Heights 1967 DVD
The original 1967 uncut release. Wuthering Heights is a heartrending story of unrequited love and sibling rivalry. When the dark brooding orphan boy Heathcliff enters the Earnshaw household at Wuthering Heights, he is at first shunned by his new stepsiblings, Catherine and Hindley. Catherine s feelings toward Heathcliff soon change but it all ends in tragic consequences for everyone. The complete BBC Dramatisation Starring Ian McShane & Angela Scoular
First time release of DVD in the UK
Release Date: 28/10/2013
Format: DVD DVD
Product Ref: upe0219
Contains: 4 Discs
Duration: 200 Mins
Cast list: Ian McShane, Angela Scoular

This adaptation was released with a one-disc format in the US back in 2009. The four-DVD uncut edition released in the UK would appear to be about 15 minutes longer.


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