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A Norwegian musical approach to poems by Emily Brontë among other authors:
Sounds, Sweet Air and The Art of Longing
Artists: Elisabeth Holmertz – soprano
Fredrik Bock – theorbo, Baroque guitar
Poul Høxbro – low whistle
Catalogue no.:LWC1042
Label: LAWO Classics
Release date :February 2013

In Dowland's Footsteps:

John Dowland remains, without doubt, one of the greatest British composers ever, and his music for voice and lute belongs to the standard repertoire. The generation immediately following Dowland is not as well known, yet it produced a treasure trove of stunning songs.
The compositions of Henry Lawes and Nicholas Lanier are as simple as they are complex, and they leave room for creativity and interpretation. The texts, in many instances, are the same ones Dowland used, but the sound itself is timeless.
Ralph Vaughan Williams’ songs contain traces of the folk music of times past and, as such, they have direct links with the long tradition of English song. The silver tones of low whistle and soft theorbo lend a new quality to the more or less familiar melodies.
Norwegian Benedicte Torget’s modern, cool sounds composed to melancholy texts of the Brontë sisters bring us up to the present, while binding us to the past. 
The compositions inspired by Emily Brontë are Divine; Oh, Dream, Where Are Thou Now; Diving and Lullaby.

A review of the CD can be found on DR (Denmark).


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