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The Star (Malaysia) asked readers fans of the Fifty Shades saga to cast actors fr the film adaptation. The following shows how much damage the books have done:
Christian Grey – a multibillionaire entrepreneur – is beautiful, brilliant and intimidating. Now who else can channel these qualities other than the swoon-worthy Michael Fassbender?
In fact, you’ve already seen him as the brooding Byronic hero obsessed with a young virginal girl in the form of the mysterious Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre, the 2011 British romantic drama directed by Cary Fukunaga. (Sandra Low)
Less harmful but also somewhat off-base is this review of Stella Gibbons's Cold Comfort Farm on Daily KOS:
Stella Gibbons takes us into a world we all know, for it has permeated our literature and culture: rustic British melodrama. This world has been around forever, in Robin Hood's story, for example. It reached full flower in the Brontës' Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. It's populated by eccentrics, who struggle between the impersonal forces of nature and their own wild emotions. (Brecht)
There's no denying that Wuthering Heights may have been an influence, also judging by how it's mentioned in the novel. But Jane Eyre?

The Independent features the exhibition Victoriana: The Art of Revival at the Guildhall Art Gallery where
Paula Rego is present with nine monumental lithographs of her illustrations of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, in all of them the savagery of her sense of the plight of the women characters and the brutality of man. (Adrian Hamilton)
The Sunday Times mentions a retired teacher now living near Brontë country.
Ruth Girton, 58, has retired from teaching to Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. Drawn by its literary heritage, she is dismayed by all the media types in Brontë country. She politely requests that they move their iMacs and Bugaboos in the Watergate Tearooms. Despite her brisk exterior, unmarried Ruth has a weakness for romantic fiction. She reads it with Heathcliff, her tabby, on her lap and some tepid fennel tea. This Penguin Wuthering Heights mug was her housewarming gift to herself. (Francesca Hornak)
What I Read posts about Wuthering Heights. The latest From the Treasure Trove on the Brontë Parsonage Facebook page features
Arthur’s pocket watch. This watch is inscribed inside the cover, ‘Presented to the Revd. A. B. Nicholls by the teachers scholars and congregation of St Michael’s Haworth Yorkshire May 25th 1853’. Nicholls left Haworth for a short time after Charlotte rejected his proposal of marriage.

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  1. The pornazation of the main stream culture goes on. Can this really be a main stream movie? In another day, you would have to go to a seedy part of town to watch such a film...and hope none of your neighbors saw you go in .Now it's main stream with a red carpet ... either porn or cartoons for cinema..... hardly progress.