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The Warsaw National Academy of Dramatic Art production of Susanne Schneider's The Nights of the Brontë Sisters will be performed at the 7th International Theatre Schools Festival ITSelF in Warsaw:
Noce sióstr Brontë
July 2, 4.30 pm, Collegium Nobilium Theatre, Miodowa 22/24

The performance will be shown with English subtitles.

translator: Danuta Żmij – Zielińska
director: Bożena Suchocka
set designer: Jan Kozikowski
assistant directors: Monika Sidor, Ryszard Abraham
opening date: 12/01/2013
running time: 95 min.
cast: Paulina Komenda, Aleksandra Radwan, Afrodyta Weselak, Piotr Piksa, Michał Poznański

Written by Susanne Schneider, a highly regarded German writer and theatre, radio and television
director, this play is a portrait of the literary Brontё family: Charlotte, Anne and Emily Jane.
Works by the sisters have become part of the literary canon, e.g. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre
and Agnes Grey. Their writings have also been popularized by numerous screen adaptations.
Schneider follows the writers from the start of their creative journeys to their deaths. She offers
contemporary audiences a moving and accessible depiction of the dilemmas the young writers
had to face and the unbreakable bond that connected them. At the same time she sketches out the
cultural and historical background of 19th century England and depicts the problem of women’s
status in the society of the day.
In the words of Bożena Suchocka, the play’s director: “We were especially interested in what
was happening in the souls of the women – their relation to reality, their determination and the
effort they put into succeeding. We were fascinated by their uncanny faith in the power of
dreams. In life it often happens that dreams give way to the daily grind. But much of what is
presented here onstage suggests that there is an extraordinary amount of strength inherent in the
imagination and in a profound belief in oneself and one’s talent.”
More information on The Warsaw Voice.


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