Monday, June 17, 2013

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Página 12 (Argentina) reviews Rosa Regàs's novel Música de cámara:
Con una eficaz combinación de Jane Eyre, de Charlotte Brontë, y la también catalana Mercè Rodoreda, Rosa Regàs va dando cuenta de los oscuros años de posguerra, la castración religiosa prodigada en los colegios de monjas, la férrea persecución política, la infatigable denigración de la mujer, la complicidad perversa con el régimen de la burguesía catalana y el silencio característico de todas las dictaduras. (Translation)
Daily Life (Australia) points to a Jane Eyre 'joke'. The beginning of the article goes along the lines of what we were thinking:
Back when I was a virgin, I remember thinking that sexual innuendoes were hilarious -- particularly about others' bodies. [...]
The problem is not humour. A dirty joke can be a work of knowing absurdity: witness Benjamin Law on Jane Eyre's core strength. (Damon Young)
That's a Twitter feed linking to this picture. Someone replies to that tweet with a similar use of the verb 'ejaculate' in Wuthering Heights.

It's all oh so very funny and new. We think that only every school-age reader ever of either novel has giggled at that before.

Literary Zodiac, by the way, thinks that Jane Eyre is a Taurus.


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