Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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A couple of alerts for tomorrow, May 8 in Yorkshire:
A Rival to Turner
Director Ann Sumner discusses artist Thomas Fearnley
West Lane Baptist Centre event at 2pm on Wednesday.

Meet the new Director of the Brontë Society and Brontë Parsonage Museum, Ann Sumner, as she discusses the work of Norwegian romantic landscape artist Thomas Fearnley (1802 - 1842) with David Jackson, Professor of Russian and Scandinavian Art Histories at the University of Leeds. The discussion will explore her new research into Fearnley's period in England in the 1830s, his Yorkshire ancestry and visits to the Lake District. The talk will be followed by tea and cake.

The Norwegian Romantic landscape painter Thomas Fearnley (1805-1842) has recently been the subject of major new research highlighted in a recent exhibition at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, which closed in January 2013.
In this fascinating afternoon session Scandinavian art expert Professor David Jackson interviews the new Director of the Brontë Society Ann Sumner, who has pioneered groundbreaking new research on Fearnley's period in England in the late 1830s, and especially his visit to Yorkshire and the Lake District.
The name Fearnley sounds familiar - the artist is of Yorkshire ancestry, his grandfather was from Heckmondwike in Leeds, and emigrated from Hull in the late eighteenth century. Fearnley came to Yorkshire in search of his roots, taking the paddle steamer from London to Hull in August 1837. The north Yorkshrie moors reminded him most of his native Norway, but he is most famous of all for his sketch of J M W Turner on Varnishing Day.
And in Cleckheaton:
The Spen Valley Historical Society presents
The Mabel Ferrett Memorial Lecture    
                  A Wish For Wings
                  "How Mary Taylor inspired Charlotte Brontë"
                  Helen Broadhead
Cleckheaton Our Lady and St Paul RC Church Hall, Dewsbury Road, Cleckheaton.


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