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The Indian Express discusses book-to-film adaptations and makes a controversial statement:
The world's preoccupation with everything Jane Austen wrote endures; there have been countless makes and remakes of Pride and Prejudice but very few of an equally fine or even better book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. (Leher Kala)
We really wouldn't say there have been 'very few' 'makes and remakes' of Wuthering Heights.

The New York Times does correct a past statement:
An entry in the What’s on Today television highlights in some editions on Thursday about the 2011 film “Jane Eyre” misstated the name of the home where much of the action is set. It is Thornfield Hall, not Thorndike Hall.
And that would be an appropriate question for this Stylist's quiz on 'How well do you know Jane Eyre?'
Fire, depravation and a mad wife in the attic! Jane Eyre has an epic sweep and Charlotte Brontë’s novel is greatly loved by anyone who has ever thought themselves “poor, obscure, plain and little.” See how well you know this classic novel by taking our quiz.

Also, speaking of typos and all, 20 Minutes France features Jane Eyrotica, which has just been released in France with a lovely typo right there on the cover. Oh, wouldn't Charlotte Brönte (sic) be proud? Anyway, there's also a short interview with Karena Rose:
2) Quel est le thème central de ce livre ?
Jane Eyre était un classique très étudié du temps où j'étais au collège, et je n'ai pu résister à la tentation de revisiter l'attirance électrique qui unit Rochester et Jane, en leur prêtant toutes les joies et les angoisses du sexe et de l'érotisme. [...]
5) Qu'aimeriez-vous partager avec vos lecteurs en priorité ?
J'aimerais partager l'impression détonante et jubilatoire que m'a procurée l'adaptation de ce classique qui, j'en suis sûre, plaira aux nouveaux et aux anciens fans de Jane Eyre. (Translation)
Another erotic retelling, Wuthering Nights by I.J. Miller, is reviewed on Brazen Reads. Daisy Dolls' Jane Eyre doll now has a chemise. Flickr user efsb has uploaded a lovely set of pictures of Haddon Hall.


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